Brelsford WSU Visitor Center WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program


Brelsford WSU Visitor Center

Explore the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center and learn about Washington State University’s history, research and athletic accomplishments, students and alumni through an interactive, hands-on and slightly competitive scavenger hunt. Pick a partner and see which team can answer the most questions about the visitor center and WSU. Celebrate your Cougar smarts by taking a photo with 15-foot concrete W-S-U letters.


Museum of Anthropology

Take a glimpse into the past with staff at the Museum of Anthropology and learn about the culture of Native American tribes in the Inland Northwest since contact with European settlers. The museum is an official repository for archaeological collections generated by the work of federal, state and county agencies in Eastern Washington and features both permanent and rotating collections.


Birds of Prey

Washington State University Pullman is home to one of the most prestigious colleges of Veterinary Medicine in the world and is home to the unique Raptor Rehabilitation Program. The program provides medical care, food and shelter to sick and injured birds of prey. Thanks to the WSU Raptor Club, students have the opportunity to see and interact with these wild birds of prey up close while learning about their ecology and biology.


Botany Greenhouses

Journey to the roof of Abelson Hall to explore the wild world of plants! Enjoy an interactive tour of the School of Biological Sciences botanical collection to see some of the most interesting and out-there plants around the world. The greenhouse is sure to impress with specimens ranging from cacao, vanilla and coffee plants to Venus fly traps and plants that recoil at the touch of a human hand.

Chemistry Demonstration

Proceed with caution: You will be “blown away” with this explosive look into chemistry! Become filled with excitement as elements of the natural world are brought to life through a series of loud, colorful and dynamic experiments.

Charles r. Conner Museum

Stare into the eyes of a bison, listen to the calls of local birds, measure yourself against a moose or come face-to-face with a 9-foot dinosaur skeleton in the Charles R. Conner Museum. Challenge yourself with animal trivia flip cards and feel the luxurious texture of a muskrat pelt – and more!


WSU Creamery & Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe

A visit to WSU Pullman simply isn’t complete without a stop at Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe, the storefront to our campus creamery! Learn where the famous Cougar Gold cheese is made and enjoy a scoop of ice cream (made by students on campus and using milk from WSU’s own dairy cows) while watching how it’s done from the Marc P. Bates observation room.


Knott Dairy Center

Explore food science even more with a trip to the Knott Dairy Center. Learn about where milk and cream come from, how they’re produced and what it takes to create a successful dairy farm.


M.T. James Entomology Museum

Gain an up-close look at all things that crawl, creep and squirm with a visit to the M.T. James Entomology Museum. The museum is the largest reference collection of insects in the Pacific Northwest and not only offers an opportunity to view specimens in the display, but hold and interact with live specimens while learning all about the world of entomology.


Geology Demonstration

Watch an explosive volcano demonstration taken to the next level with a 30-foot water-volcano eruption better than any paper mache volcano can do. Learn about geology and why composite volcanoes like Mount St. Helens lose their lids, followed by an incredible demonstration of how geologic forces cause eruptions.


Jacklin Collection

Travel back in time 200 million years while walking through the Jacklin Collection of petrified wood and silicified minerals – one of the most extensive collections in the country! View exotic pieces from Brazil and Mexico along with local pieces from the Pacific Northwest that range in age from ancient to prehistoric.


Holland-Terrell Libraries Amazing Race!

How tall is the largest oversized book in the Holland and Terrell Libraries? How many copies of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix do the libraries have in Spanish? Take a journey through the Holland and Terrell Libraries, while answering questions that simulate authentic college-level research tasks and provide familiarity with an academic library. The race also features plenty of questions that are purely for fun!


Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Immerse into the world of art with a tour of the newly constructed Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. JSMOA, fondly referred to as the Crimson Cube, sits in the heart of WSU Pullman and is designed as a beacon for the arts, inviting visitors to experience the vitality of art at WSU. The museum features six galleries and offers increased access to the arts for the entire Inland Northwest region.


Physics Demonstration

This informative, yet entertaining, presentation will explore topics such a gravity, electricity, magnetism, light and thermodynamics. Attendees are offered the opportunity to observe, discuss – and possibly participate – in live physics demonstrations and experiments.


What’s up, doc? Hear stories and legends of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars while relaxing under a simulated sky.

Material properties testing and engineering design (beam breaking)

This workshop highlights real-world connections for students. Attendees preview both computer modeling and videos of bridge failures. They will then complete a simple experiment to determine the strength (Modulus of Rupture) of wood samples. A quick overview of the mathematical concepts involved is shared to make a clear connection to their value to experiments and engineering design. The data from visitor testing is used to predict the failure of a designed beam. The final demonstration highlights how engineers are expected to both understand and apply knowledge from many areas, specifically material properties and beam design for this experience. The predicted failure is compared and discussed by the group. It’s a good activity for all ages.

Recycling & compost Center

Learn first-hand what it means to “go green” with a tour of the WSU Pullman recycling center and why recycling is important to the campus community. Then make your way to the compost center to see how organic waste can be transformed into a useful byproduct via composting.

Student Recreation Center

Be prepared to be impressed. The Student Recreation Center is an award-winning facility with an elevated running track, seven full basketball courts, more than 200 pieces of cardio equipment, a noteworthy weight room, and aquatics area built to resemble the state of Washington, plus more! SRC staff will provided a guided tour through the facility, sharing how the space is used and what’s available to both students, faculty and staff and the public.


Robert P. Worthman anatomy Museum

Dive into the world of veterinary medicine by spending time in the Robert P. Worthman Anatomy Museum – a space that primarily functions as a study tool for veterinary students. Gain a special, behind-the-scenes look into a major part of life as a first-year veterinary student and the neat processes that allow them to learn about animals from the inside out – literally! Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions about veterinary school and how to prepare and apply for it.