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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to bring a group to WSU Pullman for a field trip?

The first step in bringing a group to WSU Pullman is determining which visitation program is the best fit for your students.

The WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program serves students and groups ranging in age from kindergarten to eighth grade and offers an interactive, activity-based, self-guided campus visit. The WSU Office of Admissions and Recruitment offers a complementary group visit program for high school students (9-12 grade) that provides an advanced look at life at Washington State University and the array of opportunities available for undergraduate students.

For groups that best fit within the WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program, the next step is to review the availability calendar and list of offered activities, then complete the online registration form for an open date. Be sure to select activities in order of preference from 1-10 and select alternates that differ from the original choices.

Group coordinators will receive a response their registration request within five business days of submit date. If you have not received a response during this time, then please email regarding your request.

What do I do if I have multiple groups that would like to visit campus?

Registering multiple groups is just the same as registering one group. Field trips are limited to one group per day so each group will need to be registered for its own date and complete the reservation process, even if the group coordinator remains the same. Each groups will receive its own individual itinerary created based on details listed within the registration form and activity availability for its date. Please note that each group must consist of 80 students or less.

When can I register my group?

Registration opens at the beginning of August for the fall semester and mid-December for spring semester once we know staff, presenter and classroom availability for each semester. Summer dates (May-July) are included in spring registration. Available dates will populate on the Availability Calendar at these times each year.

How do I tell which dates are open on the availability calendar?

Dates that appear blank on the calendar are currently available and can be selected in the online registration form. Dates that have already been booked for another group are indicated as “Reserved” on the calendar and “Call for availability” means there are some limiting factors that need to be considered before booking a group for that date.

Why are field trips limited to one day?

The WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program offers a complimentary service as part of WSU’s land-grant mission to create access to knowledge and higher education for Washington residents and others in our region. Crafting one full day of activities for each field trip allows us to increase the number of opportunities for students and schools to visit campus and learn more about the world of higher education.

Why do field trips have a maximum number of students and chaperones allowed?

We would love to have hundreds of students visit campus daily, but there are certain factors that limit how many people we can accommodate each day. Some of these factors include the varying availability of classroom space, capacity of available classrooms and designated presentation spaces, and presenter schedules. Chaperones are required to stay with students at all times and must also be taken into account when ensuring the overall group size is within a space’s set maximum capacity.

I’ve submitted an online registration form. What’s next?

Online registration forms are automatically submitted to the WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program email. After the form is received, you will receive the first of two confirmation emails within five business days of submission.

The first is a tentative confirmation with an attached WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Campus Visit Agreement that needs to be read, initial, signed and returned per the accompanying email. The second email will be a final confirmation that will follow receipt of the completed campus visit agreement.

A student coordinator will contact you after your group’s reservation is finalized to begin the scheduling process. You will receive regular updates on the scheduling process and any necessary further instruction.

What is the purpose of the WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Campus Visit Agreement?

The campus visit agreement clearly outlines the expectations for all visiting groups who utilize the services provided by the WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program. Our program is a complimentary community service provided through the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center without additional funding as part of WSU’s land-grant mission. Activity presenters participate voluntarily and in addition to their regular job duties on campus.

The agreement is in place to respect the time and resources dedicated to facilitating field trips in order to provide a quality campus visit for each group. Failure to adhere to the terms and expectations of the agreement will affect scheduling of future field trips.

Does the WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program plan everything?

Yes! Our staff will create a custom, detailed itinerary for your group complete with scheduled activities, travel time and arrangements for meals. Itineraries are created based on the list of requested activities, presenter schedules and classroom availability.

We coordinate directly with the presenters to schedule activities, reserve classroom space and make arrangements with WSU Dining Services for dining hall meals or other spaces on campus for sack meals. We’ll provide regular updates on the progress of the itinerary, provide additional instruction when required and request feedback. Our goal is to make your campus visit as seamless and fun as possible for you and the students!

Group coordinators will receive a final itinerary and accompanying email detailing additional instructions and directions relevant to your field trip no later than two weeks prior to the visit. You will also receive a folder with color copies of the itinerary, color-coded maps marking each activity’s location and additional campus information.

How much time should I plan for travel?

Travel time should be gaged based on the mode of transportation, weather conditions and construction. We recommend adding an extra 30 minutes (at minimum) to estimated drive time when traveling by bus and taking into consideration any possible construction delays when determining your arrival time.

Travel alerts, including road work and estimated delay times, can be viewed at the Washington State Department of Transportation. Review your route and account for any noted delays when planning your departure time. Similar travel information can also be found at the Idaho Transportation Department and Oregon Department of Transportation. Be sure to check roadways in all the applicable states.

We’re running late. What do we need to do?

Groups that are behind schedule and will be arriving late to campus need to call the WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program with an update and estimated arrival time. Group coordinators will receive a reminder email one to two days prior to their scheduled field trip with information on how to tell if you’re late and instructions on what to do if you are late.

If your group arrives more than 15 minutes late for the first scheduled activity, it will require other scheduled activities to be shortened or canceled as presenters and staff have additional obligations during the day.

Groups that are running late between activities while already on campus need to contact the field trips program regarding the delay. This will allow staff to assist with any complications causing the delay and to notify the affected presenter(s). Please note that all presenters are volunteers and have the discretion to shorten or cancel scheduled activities if groups arrive late.

My class would like to send thank  you notes to the presenters. What’s the best way to send them?

Thank you notes can be sent directly to the WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program and we can distribute them to each presenter through our campus mail system.

Mail can be sent to:

WSU Pullman K-8 Field Trips Program
c/o Brelsford WSU Visitor Center
PO Box 641912
Pullman, WA 99164-1912