Brelsford WSU Visitor Center K-8 Field Trips

Request A Date

By submitting your request for your field trip you are agreeing to abide by the following expectations.

Your expectations of us:

  • Schedule a world-class educational experience.
  • Provide you with a packet including an itinerary and color-coded map.
  • Kind and helpful staff.

Our expectation of you:

  • Please allow at least a four-week lead time to schedule your field trip visit.
  • No changes to the schedule two (2) weeks prior to your scheduled date. Please remember that faculty, staff, and students take the time and effort to accommodate visitors out of their busy days.
  • Pre-order meal tickets and ice cream at least 2 weeks before scheduled date.
  • All guest parking passes must be arranged ahead of time. WSU will not provide visitor parking passes.
  • Arrive on time ( If you are more than 15 minutes late to an event, the instructor/presenter may choose not to demonstrate).
  • Preview itinerary ahead of time so your visit runs smoothly.
  • Supervise your students at all times.
  • Be courteous to our staff and those that are presenting. The Brelsford WSU Visitor Center receives no funding for coordinating field trips to campus; this is a public service being provided. We reserve the right to terminate our assistance with coordinating a field trip if deemed necessary.

Groups of 50 students or more may be split into smaller groups for some activities. Please have your groups already arranged. This will allow transitions between events to go smoothly.

This is a self-guided campus field trip. It will be your responsibility to navigate between events on your own. Please get very familiar with the campus layout prior to arrival (Campus Map). Even better, have someone who knows the campus with you if possible.